Hair Transplantation

General Information About Male Pattern Hair Loss: Loss of hair is an inconvenience which spoils the body image, creates stress and diminishes one’s self confidence. Hair loss in men is in general related to testosterone (androgenic hormone) effect and may show genetic incidence. Testosterone turns into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it affects the hair follicles which have sensitive receptors (hair in the zone of male pattern baldness) and causes hair loss. This is called Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness).

The only cure of male pattern baldness is hair transplantation (HT). Live implant made from one’s own hair is the safest method. As the nape of the neck and temple areas are the most resistant areas to male pattern hair loss, the live hairs are taken from those areas. That is why the hair which is taken from nape of the neck and implanted to the front is more lasting. The contemporary medical knowledge states that there are no miraculous medicine, shampoo or lotion.

Norwood Classification of Male Pattern Hair Loss: The most widely used scale of MPB classification is Norwood Scale.

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Hair Loss Examination and Hair Transplantation Planning Through Internet:

In case of hair loss problem it is very easy and practical to get into contact with us. The only thing to do is to send an e-mail and attach your pictures taken by digital camera (from the front, back and both sides) and let our specialist’s examination begin immediately. If you don’t have a digital camera you can choose one of the degrees from the Norwood scale above, so that our specialist can make an average calculation about how many grafts you will need.

Modern Hair Transplantation Methods

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Hair transplantation in the modern meaning can be performed by 2 methods: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In the FUT method, a hairy skin ellipse is removed from the nape and live hairy units are harvested one by one (A follicular unit contains 1,2 or 3 roots) from the skin piece. Meanwhile the scar at the nape is closed down with stitches to ensure that it is well concealed.

In the FUE method the live follicular units (with 1,2 or 3 roots) are harvested one by one directly from the scalp (no elliptical skin cut is done). Random removal of the FUs ensure that the resultant scar is not noticeable. There is also no need for skin suturing. Through FUE method, it is possible to transplant body hair to the bald scalp. In case the scalp is insufficient, this method is employed, but actually it is more difficult and less practical.

In the FUE method, FU grafts may be harvested either by special needles (freehand harvesting) or by an electrically driven motor. Last technology motors decrease the vibration down to the level of hand tremor and it is now possible to harvest thousands of FU grafts safely in a few hours! In both methods (freehand needle and micromotor) fine needles are used to extract live FU grafts. Needles in 0.8 mm diameter are needles are the most widely used ones, although sometimes 0.6 or 0.7 needles give the best result (depending on the hair root thickness of the individual).

In both FUE and FUT methods, implanting is similar; after opening small canals in the bald area follicular units are transplanted one by one. The direction of implantation is important for a natural result. Forehead line is created in a zigzag pattern and one-hair-containing grafts are used on the first few raws and the rest on the rear raws.

One follicular unit may contain 1 or 2 or 3 roots. For example, if 2000 follicular units transplanted, (as some contain 2 or 3 roots) it is understood that 3500-4000 hair shafts have been transplanted. 40-60 grafts/cm square hair density is necessary in some areas.

Anaesthesia in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantion can be performed under local anesthesia with the patient fully awake and sitting comfortably while watching TV. Some patients may prefer intravenous sedation (combined with local anesthesia) during the transplantation. The procedure is then painless.

Post Hair Transplantation Aftercare

After HT, no hair wash is adviced for the next two-three days, in order to wait for capillaries (microvessels) to nourish the transplanted hair roots. A lossely fitting hat is allowed to put on and is useful to hide the transplanted area by the next day (after waiting for a dry surface). In most cases, the operated head is washed gently by the 3rd postoperative day. It is adviced to continue the hair wash gently for 1 week or until the scabs disappear.

Facial swelling depends on the transplantation area and density, as well as individual predisposition. In general the swelling subsides down in 1 week so that the person can go back to normal life gradually.

In the FUE method the donor area is expected to heal completely in 5 days. In the FUT method the stitches are removed on the 12-14th day. The transplanted hair will not require any special care in the coming days.

Physiologically the transplanted hair needs at least 3-6 months (sometimes a little bit more) to grow up as hair transplantion is a natural method, and then it will continue to grow during the whole lifetime. The slow growth in the early period can be an advantage sometimes. So that the person becomes used to his new appearance, and also the slow growing hair makes easier to be unnoticed if one wants to keep hair transplantation as a secret.

In summary the most efficient treatment for hair loss is hair implantation through micrograft method (FUT or FUE technique). When it is carried out in the correct manner, hair transplantion produces very good results. HT is performed naturally with one’s own hair and the hair which continues to grow for a lifetime, changes the appearance of the individual and reflects itself positively on his psychology.

Hair transplantion is an art in itself. When carried out professionally with modern techniques, naturally growing hair increases one’s self confidence.

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Medical Treatment In Hair Loss

The hair care market is so large that there are hundreds of miraculous shampoo-hair care sets, lotions in the market and they all make new hair grow! Actually they are commercial cosmetics and not treating agents.

If we put the commercial advertisements aside, the use of medicine in hair health is a medical matter and it has a scientific basis. Depending on the reason of hair loss, the specialist doctor may prescribe some type of medicine. Medicine in the form of pills or topical lotion can be used for supporting the hair transplant or to slow down the hair loss. The medicine is best given on prescription, it is not right to take any type of medicine which has been prescribed to somebody else.

Kubilay Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation

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We perform both FUE and FUT operations (7 years of experience in FUT and 8 years of experience in FUE). We use the latest technology with less vibrating micromotors in FUE and we are assertive especially in this method; we’re fast, we get natural and reliable results.

During the hair transplantation you can count the grafts easily. We provide:

  • High graft numbers = 2500-3000-3500-4000-4500 grafts in one stage (in suitable patients)
  • High density hair transplantation (40-60 grafts/cm2 = 80-120 hair transplanted in 1 cm2 in suitable conditions)
  • Sterile and hygienic conditions

Hair transplantion can be performed under local anesthesia with the patient fully awake and sitting comfortably while watching films. Some patients may prefer intravenous sedation (combined with local anesthesia) during the transplantation. This method is totally painless. With this method we ensure totally painless Hair Transplantation!

International Hair Restoration Associations

ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) associations are directing the scientific works that are made concerning:

  • the types of reasons for hair loss,
  • hair transplantation,
  • medical treatments for hair loss and they provide a continuous information to their members.

The physcians who are members to these associations follow all the scientific progresses and are naturally up to date regarding the latest innovations in hair loss and hair transplantation methods.

Hair transplantion can be performed under local anesthesia with the patient fully awake and sitting comfortably while watching TV. Some patients may prefer intravenous sedation (combined with local anesthesia) during the transplantation. This method is totally painless.

We ensure that hair transplantion process is carried out in completely healthy conditions and under the supervision of a plastic- aesthetic surgeon specialized in hair transplantion, furthermore it makes sure that the intervention is safe and painless with the participation of an anesthesiology specialist when indicated.

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While we take care of these things, we prepare an individualized package program managing your time in the most convenient manner, make full organization of the treatment, advise you the fee in advance and finally from the beginning until the end in all phases provide VIP service. You don’t need to know Ankara, you don’t need to have a place to stay in Ankara. Everything will be arranged in the optimal way.

While your hair implantation is being performed by an internationally experienced doctor and his team, without feeling any pain and in full safety you will not feel any operational stress and you will have a good time in holiday-fun atmosphere.

With your own hair which will remain with you and grow for a lifetime, your new image will last for the rest of your life!