Frequently Asked Questions

Send an e-mail ( and attach your pictures taken by a digital camera (from the front, back and both sides), we will respond to you in a short time. We will answer all of your questions.
The nape of the neck and temple areas are genetically resistant to androgenic hair loss. Hair follicles covering those areas do not have DHT (Dihydrotestosterone which is a metabolite of Testosterone) sensitive receptors. That is why the hair implants taken from these resistant areas are permanent (except for trauma, burn or unusual skin diseases).

We take the responsibility during your Ankara stay, from your arrival until your departure.

We Give Warranty Certificate - We ensure that hair transplantation/aesthetic intervention will be carried out under completely healthy conditions. We give the guarantee of a free revision surgery (including the whole stay in Ankara for 5-7 days) in case of a reasonable dissatisfaction. This guarantee is valid as long as you have fulfilled your responsibilities.

For Hair Transplantation:

  1. We always use fine needles to extract live FUE grafts. Needles in 0.8 mm diameter are the most widely used ones, although sometimes 0.6, 0.7 or 0.9 mm needles give the best result (depending on the hair root thickness of the individual).
  2. Very small holes are made (with extremely sharp instruments) and they are kept close to each other so that there is no visible scar left.
  3. We always try to get the highest density for our patients. High density hair transplantation means 40-60 grafts/cm2 = 80-120 hair transplanted in 1 cm2.
  4. We can do both FUT and FUE easily. We can harvest FUE grafts either by special needles (freehand harvesting) or by (the latest technology) an electrically driven device. This special device decreases the vibration down to the level of hand tremor and it is now possible to harvest thousands of FUE grafts safely in a few hours.
  5. We always try to get the highest number of grafts especially for our international patients. In suitable patients we can harvest 4000-4500 grafts (with FUE method) in 1 session (megasession).
  6. Painless Hair Transplantation - Hair transplantion can be performed under local anesthesia with the patient fully awake and sitting comfortably while watching films. Some patients may prefer intravenous sedation (combined with local anesthesia) during the transplantation. This method is totally painless.
  7. We ensure totally painless hair transplantation in this packet!

For the patients who have aesthetic intervention and early period care completed and who have returned to their countries, their late period checks are also made through the internet with the digital photography method. If necessary, the family doctor can be contacted and orientation can be made through this doctor. Following the surgeries we ensure that the doctor’s examinations (through internet) are made periodically for at least 6 months.