Kubilay Aesthetics Clinic & Staff

The Clinic

The clinic is located in the central part of Ankara. There is no parking problem, all transfers are done by our driver and the shuttle. The clinic is equipped with air–conditioning and electric generator (power supply), cable tv and DVD system.

Clinic Staff

Two plastic surgeons, one anesthesiology specialist, one health care specialist, two nurses, one medical technician, one patient coordinator, one driver and one house maid work in the clinic.

Medical staff is well trained and experienced in hair transplantation and aesthteic surgeries. Our staff is familiar with foreign patients from all over the world.

With our over 15 years of experience, we provide very hygenic conditions for you valuable patients and great results. You can coordinate your plan in advance with us so that we can plan every single detail for you! Enjoy your trip in advance!

Kubilay Aesthetics Team.