About Us

Since its establishment in 2004, Kubilay Aesthetics has been providing service in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey and give all aesthetic-related private health services to foreign patients by the virtue of hundreds of different treatment methods it has been employing.

Providing service throughout Ankara/Turkey, as well as in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Gulf, Kubilay Aesthetics gives service within the scope of medical tourism, to thousands of foreign patients who are seeking hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery coming from 20 countries all around the world. Kubilay Aesthetics has accomplished Türkiye's the very first investment in the Aesthetic Surgery field as medical Tourism, and intends to spread around a wider-geography opening new the hospitals in the near future.

We schedule and perform high quality

  • FUE hair transplantation
  • Aesthetic surgery of the body
  • Aesthetic surgery of the head

Privacy is important for us! We provide;

  • Service of transfer between airport and hospital with a private driver;
  • Patient accommodation in private apartments in Ankara, designed in needs of the foreign patients as a weekly package program.
  • Custom-made medical treatment-tourism packages (On request the treatment can be combined with a suitable holiday)

Boyun Gıdık estetiği Boyun Gıdık  estetik ameliyatları